Create Full Stack Web/Saas Applications In 80% Less Time, Code and Bugs.

Boilerplate free Web/Saas apps with NodeJS, Typescript, React, Express, Material UI and REST.  Mobile apps too!

Rapid Development Framework: Create your apps with #LittleCode.

Don't waste your time and money developing the things that every SaaS app needs. And build the rest quicker!

The Rapid Development Framework Provides A Solid, Easy To Use And Extensible Modular Architecture

A quick look at some the pre-built modules provided:

  • Authenticaton - JWT, Login, Signup, Forgot/Change password etc..
  • Authorization - Roles & Permission / API Security
  • Subscriptions - Plans and Limits, Switch Plans etc..
  • Billing & Payments - Stripe & Paypal
  • Shopping Cart - Stateless Cart
  • Email Sending - GMail, Zoho, Amazon SES, SendInBlue..
  • TypeORM RBBMS Resource Provider - MySql, Postgres, etc..
  • File/Image Resources - Local FS, Linode Object Storage, etc..
  • Declarative, Auto Resource REST Api
  • Declarative, Auto Resource Indexing/Full Text Search - Elastic Search
  • Resource & Other Events - In Process or Rabbit MQ
  • Component & Module Aware Request Debugger
  • Forms & Charts
  • Data Import/Export
  • MultiTenancy
  • Audit Logs
  • API Schema & Monitoring - Swagger/OpenAPI
  • Responsive UI Components - React/Material UI Based w/ Hooks

Easily write custom code directly on the underlying technologies (ie-Express, React) while calling our easy to use API's.

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Ace The Coding Interview Course

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Master Data Structure & Algorithms - Level Up

  • Arrays & Dynamic Arrays
  • Linked Lists
  • Trees, Traversals, Searching
  • Search Algorithms
  • Sorting Algorithms
  • Graphing Algorithms
  • Greedy Algorithms
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Patterns & Common Problem Solving Techniques
  • SaasEasy Ace'It 97

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AI Video Creator

Create Videos & Articles From Just A Title & Grow Video Channels & Blogs!

No video editing skills required:

  • Grow Channels & Blogs Without Time Consuming Hard Work & Thinking.
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  • Scene Generation
  • Narration Generation
  • Visual Media Suggestion Generation
  • Easy Video Editing - No Skills Required!
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Free Mid Journey Image Splitter

Quickly and Easily Split Mid Journey Images.

Save time & money with our Mid Journey Image Splitter

A quick look at the Free Image Splitter:

  • Split images quickly.
  • Right Click Download
  • 1 Click Hosting coming soon.

Saaseasy Benefits
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