Create Full Stack Web/Saas Applications In 80% Less Time, Code and Bugs.

Boilerplate free Web/Saas apps with NodeJS, Typescript, React, Express, Material UI and REST.  Mobile and Desktop apps too!

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Create your apps with #LittleCode.

Don't waste your time and money developing the things that every SaaS app needs. And build the rest quicker!

Saaseasy Benefits Provides A Solid, Easy To Use And Extensible Modular Architecture

A quick look at some the pre-built modules provided:

  • Authenticaton - JWT, Login, Signup, Forgot/Change password etc..
  • Authorization - Roles & Permission / API Security
  • Subscriptions - Plans and Limits, Switch Plans etc..
  • Billing & Payments - Stripe & Paypal
  • Shopping Cart - Stateless Cart
  • Email Sending - GMail, Zoho, Amazon SES
  • TypeORM RBBMS Resource Provider - MySql, Postgres, etc..
  • File/Image Resources - Local FS, Linode Object Storage, etc..
  • Declarative, Auto Resource REST Api
  • Declarative, Auto Resource Indexing/Full Text Search - Elastic Search
  • Resource & Other Events - In Process or Rabbit MQ
  • Component & Module Aware Request Debugger
  • Forms & Charts
  • Data Import/Export
  • MultiTenancy
  • Audit Logs
  • API Schema & Monitoring - Swagger/OpenAPI
  • Responsive UI Components - React/Material UI Based w/ Hooks

Easily write custom code directly on the underlying technologies (ie-Express, React) while calling our easy to use API's.

We are currently in private alpha, invitation only.

And is being used successfully in production. Sit tight, we should be in open Beta soon.

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We should be moving out of private alpha soon, in the meantime get started on your site with our free website template.

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