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Are you a programmer looking to excel in job interviews and land higher-paying opportunities?

Are you tired of wasting time studying excessive theorical concepts that seem distant from real-world challenges?

Look no further, because we have the perfect solution tailored just for you!

Our innovative Data Structures & Algorithms modules are designed to equip you with the essential skills, patterns, and techniques needed to ace your interviews in record time.

Say goodbye to tedious memorization and hello to a practical and efficient approach that guarantees results.

  • Shortcut to Interview Success: We understand your urgency to land your dream job. Our material focuses on precisely what you need to pass your interview, saving you countless hours of irrelevant studying. By streamlining your learning, we ensure you're confidently prepared within the shortest time possible.
  • Practical Application: Memorizing heaps of theoretical knowledge isn't our style. Instead, we'll guide you through real-world problems and challenges. Our hands-on approach will allow you to apply data structures and algorithms to solve problems efficiently, boosting your problem-solving skills and increasing your chances of success in interviews.
  • Master Common Techniques: Our material demystify the coding patterns and techniques that recur in many interview problems. Rather than merely providing a solution, we'll teach you the logic behind these patterns so you can adapt them to various scenarios. This enables you to solve new problems with ease, without relying on rote memorization.
  • Optimized Frequency & Allocation: You'll spend the perfect amount of time on the topics that are actually asked in interviews, based on real world actual frequencies at top companies. Giving you the best chance to pass your interviews in the least amount of time.
  • Study Notes: Get access to our condensed study notes that you can use as often as you want to keep the material fresh in your mind without the need to re-take the longer course material. We recommend going through this even on a daily basis
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: We cover all the vital topics that you'll encounter during interviews, including arrays, linked lists, trees, graphs, sorting algorithms, searching algorithms, and much more. Our comprehensive curriculum ensures that you'll be well-prepared to tackle any technical question thrown your way.
  • Expert Instructors: Learn from highly experienced instructors who have not only aced their own interviews but have also conducted interviews for major tech companies. They understand the specific skills and knowledge employers seek, delivering targeted guidance that will give you the competitive edge.
  • Visual Interactive Learning: The modules features a visual dynamic learning environment where you'll actively engage with the algorithms & data structures in a visual way. You'll see exactly how the implementations work in a visual manner.
Don't let your dream job slip through your fingers.

With our Data Structures & Algorithms modules, you'll acquire the skills and confidence necessary to conquer any interview and secure higher-paying positions.
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Pass The Coding Interview In 1-3 Months - The Most Effective Course Anywhere

Being Able To Pass Tough Coding Interviews Separates Coders Making Big Money With Those On Programming Food Stamps

This course is a better, faster way to pass the coding interviews, actually remember and be able to apply what you learned to solve problems.

Here is a look at some of what you'll learn in this course:

  • Master Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Resume/Interview Tips & Tricks
  • Ace'It 97 Fast Track
  • Master The Patterns & Problem Solving Techniques To Answer Any Question
  • Quickly Identify Question Topics During Interviews
  • Identify & Classify Problems Into 'Solution Buckets'
  • Learn To Combine Data Structures To Solve Questions Easier
  • and more....
There are only so many concepts, patterns & techniques that you have to learn, and once you do you'll be able to apply them to solve any problem they ask.

You'll master all of them in this course.
Saaseasy Benefits

Here's A Look At What You'll Learn In This Course

Big O Time & Space Complexity Analysis

Being able to write code that will perform satisfactorily or optimally is often of critical concern.

  • Learn All The Different Complexities
  • Choose An Optimal Solution
  • Quickly Determine Complexities
  • Figure Out Complexity For Any Given Piece Of Code
  • Pick The Right Data Structure or Algorithm

Sorting Algorithms

Mastering sorting algorithms on their own is a must for interviews and they are also building blocks for more complex algorithms.

  • 7 Important Criteria & Attributes Of Sorting Algorithms
  • Quickly Implement Commonly Asked Sorting Algorithms
  • Pick The Right Sorting Algorithm
  • Reason About Strengths, Weaknesses & Tradeoffs
  • Find The Algorithm Best For Each Situation
  • Optimize For Space, Memory or The Fastest Solution

Search Algorithms

Learn the commonly asked searching algorithms during interviews.

  • Search Arrays
  • Search Lists
  • Search Trees
  • Search Graphs
  • Search Strings
  • Strengths, Weakenesses & Tradeoffs
  • Pick The Best Searching Algorithm For The Task

Arrays & Dynamic Arrays

Learn all you need to know about Arrays & Dynamic Arrays to pass interviews

  • Arrays
  • Dynamic Arrays
  • Sorting Arrays
  • Searching Arrays
  • Complexity Differences - Insert, Remove etc...
  • Common Patterns & Problem Solving Techniques
  • Interview Questions


Learn everything to you need to know about Stacks to pass interviews.

  • Different Ways To Implement Stacks
  • Applying Stacks To Solve Other Problems
  • Sorting Stacks
  • Prefix & Postfix Notations
  • Multiple Stacks With Single Array
  • Time & Space Complexities
  • Advantages & Disadvantages
  • When To Use Stacks vs Queue, Array, Lists


Learn how to implements Queues and be able to apply Queue knowledge to solve practical problems.

  • Different Ways To Implement Queues
  • Applying Queues To Solve Other Problems
  • Circular & Priority Queues
  • Complexity Analysis Of Queues
  • Advantages & Disadvantages
  • When To Use Stacks vs Queue, Array, Lists


Learn all about Heap data structures. They are special a special type of Tree Data structure and can be used to solve many problems and are frequently asked on interviews.

  • Implement Different Types Of Heaps
  • Use Heaps To Solve Many Problems
  • Complexity Analysis
  • Building & Searching Heaps
  • Heaps vs Other Structures, When To Use Each
  • Common Heap Mistakes
  • What To Say To Display Mastery Of Heaps


Learn everything you need to know about Commonly Asked Tree Data Structure & Algorithm questions in interviews.

  • Implement Different Types Of Trees
  • Complexity Analysis
  • Traverse & Search Trees Efficiently
  • Recursive & Iterative Solutions
  • Strengths & Weaknesses of Each Traversal
  • How To Use Other Data Structures To Solve Tree Problems Easier


Learn all about Hash Tables. Ensure fast access to data and avoid against common pitfalls in Hash Tables.

  • Different Hash Table Implementations
  • Strengths & Weaknesses Of Each Implementation
  • Complexity Analysis
  • Use Hash Tables To Solve More Complex Problems
  • Potential Hash Table Weaknesses & How To Overcome Them
  • Compare Hash Tables To Alternative Structures


Learn Graphs in a practical way and be ready to pass your interviews. Forget about theorical lectures in this course. Learn what you need to know to pass interviews. You're not going to be asked complicated Graph algorithms (guess what, you're interviewer doesn't know them either!)

  • Graph Search Techniques
  • How To Deal With Cycles
  • Complexity Analysis
  • Learn & Implement Different Graph Representations
  • Learn The Important Graph Characteristics
  • Commonly Asked Graph Algorithms


Recursion interview questions can be some of the hardest questions, but they don't have to be! Plus you'll use recursion in many solutions, so they are a must learn.

  • How To Implement Recursive Solutions
  • Avoid Recursion Pitfalls
  • Iterative vs Recursion, Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Avoid Inifinite Recursion
  • Recursion Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Recursion's Affect On Complexities
  • Find Base Cases & Handle Large Inputs


You'll build upon your recursion knowledge and solve certain classes of problems using Backtracking.

  • Identify Backtracking Problems
  • Categories Of Backtracking Problems
  • Implement Backtracking Solutions
  • Avoid Backtracking Pitfalls
  • When To Use Greedy or Dynamic Programming Instead
  • Complexity Analysis

Greedy Algorithms

We're not going to look back at this point, we're diving straight into Greedy Algorithms

  • Learn What Greedy Algorithms Are
  • Implement Greedy Solutions
  • When To Use Greedy Algorithms
  • Optimal Solution Analysis
  • Greedy vs Dynamic Solutions
  • Greedy vs Divide & Conquer

Dynamic Programming

Learn how to solve complex problems by breaking them into subproblems optimally.

  • Learn The Properties To Determine If Dynamic Solution is Appropriate
  • Dynamic Programming Characteristics
  • Learn Dynamic Programming Methods
  • Apply Dynamic Programming To Solve Problems
  • Dynamic Programming vs Greedy Solutions
  • Dynamic Programming vs Divide & Conquer

Divide & Conquer

Learn how to solve problems using 3 steps. Master multi-branch recursion and pass your interviews.

  • Learn Divide & Conquer Strategy
  • Implement Divide & Conquer Solutions
  • Divide & Conquer vs Dynamic Programming & Greedy
  • Common Types Of Problems Divide & Conquer Solves
  • Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Common Problems Asked On Interviews

Patterns & String Search

Traditional searching algorithms often take up a lot of time and space when it comes to searching through strings or text. Learn how to solve these problems efficiently and spot the problems quickly

  • Common String Search Structures
  • Spot These Problems Quickly
  • Solve Them Efficiently
  • How To Approach These Problems
  • Most Commonly Asked Questions


Learn how to use randomness as part of algorithm logic to solve problems to reduce running time, memory or the amount of space used.

  • Randomization Properties
  • Randomization Techniques
  • Implement Randomized Solutions
  • Analyse Complexities
  • The Main Types Of Randomized Algorithms
  • Advantages & Disadvantages

Ace'It 97 - Interview Fast Track

Carefully Curated List Of Questions That Teach Important Concepts & Techniques

  • 97 Questions That Teach Important Concepts & Techniques
  • Step by Step Walkthroughs
  • Solve Them, Learn The Techniques & Patterns
  • Solve Related Problems Easier

Resume & Interview

You've devoted the time and effort to learn the skills that will help you pass the interviews and now it's time to craft a resume that will actually lead to interviews!

  • Learn how to create a resume that get's attention, both from recruiters and companies.
  • Learn how to improve your odds of getting that interview with the top companies.
  • Keep recruiters and hiring managers reading and engaging with your entire resume.
  • Learn how properly present both your software skills and your equally important soft skills.
  • Make your resume stand out in a sea of applicants.
  • Whether you're applying for entry level, mid level or senior level positions we'll show you the best formats for each level.
  • Don't make these mistakes that kill offers.
  • Learn how to prep for the interview.
  • Learn how to not get tripped up on the behavioral interview.

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