Rapid Development Framework Licensing Options

About The Rapid Development Framework Licensing

We will be offering several different licenses for our product, including for Individuals, Startups, Businesses and possibly Development Agency usage.

Pricing TBD

Individual License

Available for individuals creating Web/Saas apps. You can use our product to create as many applications that you want as long as you are the owner of the end product. ie- You can't use our product to create apps for other people to own. Creating and hosting an app created for somebody else to claim you own it is also not allowed.

Pricing TBD

Startup License

Similar to the Individual license except that if you are part of a startup with no external funding, all the developers in your startup can purchase an Individual license. The same rules for app ownership explained in Individual apply.

Pricing TBD

Business License

Business licenses are available for developers that are part of an established business. The same rules apply for app ownership as the Individual and Startup Licenses.

Pricing TBD

Development Agency

A Development Agency license allows you to create as many applications as you want for your own business. In addition, this license gives you the ability to create and sell apps to other people/businesses.

How It Works

SaasEasy will be offered on a subscription period. You will always retain access to the latest version of our software as of the date your subscription expires. So, no worries, your apps won't stop working when your subscription expires, and you can continue to develop them using the last version of our software you have access to. But you won't be able to upgrade to later versions of our software without an active subscription.

What You Can't Do With Saaseasy

In short, no matter what license you have, you can't compete with us. You can't use our software to create 'App Generators' or 'App Builders' or 'App Frameworks'. You also can't use our product to create applications for other people, you must own the end product created from our software, unless you have a Development Agency License.

What If SaasEasy.io Goes Out Of Business?

Great question. In the event we were to go out of business, we will do everything in our power to keep the libraries available for up to 1 year. In addition, all customers will receive the binary package files which they can then host on their own private repositories.

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