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Similar Material UI Templates Sell For As Much As $250 for unlimited site use.

We don't have the same number of pages as them, for now, but it's a great free starting point for your next site!

  • 15+ Pages - Home, Pricing, Contact etc.
  • 10+ Widgets - Google Maps, Hero Section, etc..
  • NextJS
  • Material UI V5
  • React JS
  • 100% Free Images - Re-distributable as well.
  • Search Engine Optimized Set your SEO on each page easily.
  • 2x Layouts Main and a Bare Layout

DRY, Easy To Read Code, Ready For Your Tweaking.

A Few Of The Pages In The Template

Pricing Table Widget, Image Card Widget, FAQ Widget and more..

We'll Be Expanding This Template Over Time, You'll Receive The Additions In Your Inbox As We Create Them

We're just not sure if it will be free forever. Anybody who gets it while it's free will retain the right to use it free of charge forever.

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